17 Resources for a Keeping a “Holy Lent”

There are a number of ways to “keep a Holy Lent,” which is essentially mindfulness of God’s path to our redemption through His Son.

Whatever we do, God knows and we are the beneficiaries of our own Lenten disciplines.

  1. Pray daily the Litany of Humility which reminds us of the differences of the world in which we live from the unselfish values of the Kingdom we aspire to.
  2. Recite the Daily Office or meditate on the Sunday Scriptures.
  3. Choose to fast from all food, some food, certain foods, or some other form of pleasure to remind us to pray and meditate on the cross.
  4. Attend one or more of the East End Lenten Series –6 pm dinner, 7 pm Eucharist
  5. Read a portion of one of the Gospels, or the Psalms every day.
  6. Set aside a time of prayer, meditation, and/or journaling everyday, 5 days / week or one day a week.  Some like to use ancient icons to draw us into the passion of Christ.
  7. Attend Stations of the Cross weekly or at least once during Lent.  Emmanuel Episcopal offers Stations every Friday at Noon during Lent – exce.pt for Holy Week — 7 pm.  Or use a special  version written by our Vicar, Don C. Youse, Jr. for your own devotion.  Download it here: Scriptural version of Stations of the Cross,
  8. Read about the interesting history of the Stations of the Cross and here.
  9. Attend special Services during Holy Week.
  10. Seek to grow in a certain characteristic of Jesus’ ministry or character.  E.G. Pray for healing, ask to be more compassionate, patient or serving.
  11. Join an ongoing conversation focuses on Ash Wednesday and Lent  http://www.facebook.com/episcopalian
  12. Participate in Lent 4.5: Christian Simplicity: a seven-week faith formation program www.earthandspiritcenter.org/lent45
  13. Share prayers, meditations, or articles you have written or found.  Use the contact form below.
  14. Take a course through ChurchNext, an online learning environment for Christian Education.  It was a vision of the founder, Rev. Chris Yaw, rector of St. David’s Episcopal Church, Southfield, Michigan. Lenten courses are available in the Church Year section.
  15. Get the iphone app Way of the Cross (free) from Apps2Sync in the itunes store, or Stations at St. Thomas (free) by Franklin and Marshall College and sculptor Virginia Maksymowicz –in the itunes store.  This app contains three versions: 1- from the Episcopal book of occasional services. 2- a meditation for children, developed at St.Thomas Episcopal in Lancaster PA, and 3- a set of images from the sculptures by Virginia Maksymowics with comments by the artist.
  16. Read through the Online Stations of the Cross with images, written by a Catholic Sister. 
  17. Sign up for Lent and Easter devotions delivered to your email box from Bible Gateway: https://www.biblegateway.com/    If you don’t see the pop-up ad, put “verse of the day” or “Lenten devotions” in the subject line.